Netsach Integration and Automation Platform

Our experienced team has a long and proven works in software and hardware industries : We master end-to-end solutions, from IoT devices up to the Cloud

Customized IT solution under 3 months

Achieve simplicity and velocity across your environment at any scale. Thanks to the latest software methodology and architecture, your organization will be able to use and integrate data from legacy tools and automate operations in a quickly manner.

Batteries included

Netsach platform and tools comes with a rich set of features included : It enables businesses to connect applications, and process data faster than a "traditional" framework

Communication enablers

Netsach platform is a set of tools that allow system engineers to deploy, manage, govern and integrate applications and service.

Latest Technologies

  • RESTFul API backend built with Python 3.7+
  • Intuitive interfaces built with Vue JS
  • Database Core built around PostgreSQL
  • Cloud Native deployments using Kubernetes

State of the Art Architecture

Full control on components

Safe by-design

Lean integration

Key benefits

Business accelerator

  • Custom solutions thanks to a versatile platform
  • Reduced time to market
  • Robust and evolutive fundations

True Hybrid Cloud

Combine public and private cloud operations with unified management of IT infrastructure and applications. Lower your cloud cost with an easier operation management.

Any Hardware

Netsach Platform runs on a wide variety of hardware and cloud platforms. Infrastructure teams can choose their preferred solution and deliver an exceptional experience.

Process enforcement

  • Data transaction
  • Timestamp
  • User authentication
  • Logging

Safe by design

  • Access Control
  • Flexible Authentication mechanisms
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Logging
  • Reporting

Ease of Deployments

  • Cloud Native Platform
  • Automated deployments
  • Infrastructure as code
  • On premises / Local VM / Hybrid Cloud
  • Kubernetes-ready

Forget outdated and hostile look and feel interfaces